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Update on Kaichen species 1.

Of the 3 ordered, all came up-one bloomed.  The plant and bloom fits the
discription of Arisaema odoratum published by J. Murata et S. K. Wu in J.==

Jpn. Bot., 69: 153-156 (1994).  The blooming plant has a distinctive whit==
spathe with blade extending out at almost a 45 degree angle when first
opened.  After a few days, the spathe blade softens and hangs down.  The
spadix appendix is whip shaped, bends forward  and 16 cm  long (longer th==
described in the Murata article) and of an olive green color becoming
goldish with age. The bloom is fragrant with the smell of lemon with a bi==
of spice.   There are 2 leaves that divide into 3 leaflets.  The central
leaflet is one, however the 2 side leaflets are divided into 3s.  The
flower is male and white.  I haven't cut into the spath, but plan to do s==
to do detailed drawings of the parts within the next day or so.  There ar==
2 cataphylls and a faint stripe and broken stripe markings on the peduncl==
-From the base of the tuber to the top of the spath limb is 51 cm.  I hav==
detailed measurements of the various parts if anyone is interested.  The
Murata areticle gives a chromosome  number of 2n=22, however I don't =ha=
the equipment or knowledge to check this out.  The information from Kaich==
indicated that species 1 was fragrant and my appears to be as advertised.==

I have not looked at Kaichen's pictures.

My plants of Arisaema saxatile also have the unusual spathe described by
others.  When I cut into it, the bottom of the spathe tube was quite fles==
and unlike any arisaema I have grown.  I was hoping that it would set see==
however although I have 2 blooms, it does not appear to have set any.  I
how to also make sketches of the floral parts although the spaths are pas==
their prime and drying.

When I have a chance, I will send descriptions of the other arisaemas fro==
Kaichen.  Of the 3 Arisaema candidissimum, only one bloomed true to name
and it was a white spath (with green base) and of course fragrant. =

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