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Fri Jun 5 19:16:37 CEST 1998

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From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <hetter at WORLDONLINE.NL>
Subject: Demented virus
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Here speaketh a demented virus! I saw in my own long franchetigesii messa=ge
of a few days ago, that I had overlooked that from Engler on franchetianu=m
it follows that the spadix base should be around 8 mm in diam., as should
be with fargesii based on Buchet and Wright. Meaning that Ohwi's 4 mm for
franchetianum remains a mystery but also, if not confirmed, it breaks dow=n
the dichotomy in his key to the question of the penicillate or
non-penicillate discoid or non-discoid stigmas. Sorry, I overlooked that.
Apparently, from original literature it follows that the base of the spad=ix
in both species is NOT different. Makes Ohwi all the more suspicious.

But what am I saying?????? I am sure you guys had this all figured out
already, right...........?


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