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Let's see what I can add related to the A. fargesii/franchetianum
confusion.  My plant that flowered from the China trip was #A1C-180,
collected at Liger Leaping Gorge Town, across from our lunch stop atop th=e
dry dusty bank that we climbed.  I took many rolls of pictures when it
flowered and assumed it to be A. franchetianum.

This year when my A. candidissimums from Kaichen flowered, I real=ized half
of them were something different.  Upon closer inspection in the Flora of
China drawings, I discovered the Kaichen plant to be the true A.
franchetianum, while the plant from China that we collected was actually =A.
fargesii.  The prime difference was the thickness of the spadix.  In the
true A. franchetianum, the spadix is narrow and almost identical to A.
candidissimum.  In A. fargesii, it is much more thickened and about the
size of A. serratum.  My assumptions were confirmed thanks to some
wonderful closeups photos from Guy Gussman.

My A. fargesii/franchetianum type plants from our other China see=d have
not yet flowered.

Roy, I cannot tell by your internet photos the size of the spadix=to know
which of these that your plant matches.

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