Udai Pradhan's new revised 2nd edition

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Fri Jul 31 18:11:26 CEST 1998

Jim and Diane,

I found out about the New Revised Edition of Pradhan's book when I
answered Duncan McAlpine's question about what book to buy on Arisaema. I
replied there is only one and it's out of print.

Paul Christian posted a correction saying there is a new revised second
edition with color photos.

>Where else will you find out about Arisaema album, vexillatum or
>petiolulatum ?  The key is very useful and I have started to get this on
>line, but as yet it needs more  illustrations (the on-line key) so I
>pass on the URL yet.
>Paul Christian  Rare Plants

Sue Zunino pointed out that the Alpine Plant Society is offering it in
the UK and that there is a description on their web page. (I can't find
the URL at the moment).

I understand it is a rather complete revision with color and b&w
photographs. The topic is still Himalayan species of course. And, it is
the only Arisaema book in print - in fact, the only one period, counting
the original edition.

The details of all the discussion on the Book are in the Arisaema-L
archives from late June to date.

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