A. lobatum

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Mon Jul 27 23:19:24 CEST 1998

In addition to the new species, A. sivadasanii, I forgot to mention Guy
Gusman's great article on A. lobatum which also appears in the new

As usual, Guy has given us much to think about and added some needed
clarity to the Arisaema nomenclature. A. lobatum is one of the first
non-American Arisaema that I got to naturalize well here in the North
Carolina sweatbox. So I'm delighted to learn more about it.

I understand that these two Arisaema articles are only the beginning as
IAS (International Aroid Society) revives it's focus on hardy aroids. If
any of you AEG members are not members of IAS, I urge you to join. It's
worth it for Aroideana if for nothing else. Contact Dewey Fisk to get the
scoop on joining. <plantnut at shadow.net>

<GRSJr at Juno.com>

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