A. rhizomatum

Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Sun Jul 19 13:09:53 CEST 1998

Would love to see a pic of the flower.  When you talk about "planting" this
species, I would love to know "how" you planted it - mix, depth etc.

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

>The Arisaema rhizomatum was so slimy when it arrived, I asked Jan if she
>thought it had cold damage ie. frozen.   She replyed that Kaichen said
>that was normal.    I decided that the best way to deal with the rotting
>part was to see if I could force it into growing so it was one that I
>potted and put in the basement under lights.   It did not take long to
>start growing.   It bloomed and I have  a seed pod or at least had last I
>looked.  Critters and "things" are active in the garden.    I planted it
>in the garden some weeks ago.   I found it rather interesting and also
>wondered about the hardiness as would not like to lose it and the
>reported elevation was quite low.
>Diana Nicholls

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