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George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Fri Jul 10 16:57:58 CEST 1998

It's almost the final final for Kaichen here. The huge A. consanguineum
that I bought as A. zanlanscianense, died. The lower stem rotted away as
did the tuber. I cut off the stem and after two days there's no sign of
the tuber at all. So much for that.  Interestingly, there are 5 A.
ringens, 1 A. ochraceum, and 2 A. tortuosum in the same bed and less than
2 feet away that are thriving and have been for years.

Both of the remaining Cypripedium have either gone dormant or died. So
there's currently not much to point to as a result of my order. Here's
the complete rundown:

ordered - usually 2 or 3 of each

Arisaema brevipes == dead
Arisaema fargesii == dead
Arisaema lingyunense == dead
Arisaema rhizomatum == dead
Arisaema rhombiforme == dead
Arisaema saxitile == Typhonium horsefeldii
A. zanlanscianense == A. consanguineum == died

Asarum magnificum == dead
Asarum maximum == dead
Asarum splendens == barely alive

Cypripedium flavum == one dormant ?
Cypripedium franchetii == dead
Cypripedium henryi == one alive, no bloom
Cypripedium macranthum == dead

Helleborus thibetanus == dead

Pleione formosana == dead

Pinellia cordata == dead

Not an outstanding success here. I'm sure glad some of you fared better.

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