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There is now a second edition of Pradhan's book, slightly improved and =with some colour pictures. It is certainly available in the UK - for =example from the Alpine Garden Society's Publications department, at ==A323 (plus P&P).


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There is only one book on Arisaema, so the choice is a no-brainer. The
problem is it's out of print and very hard to find.
"Himalayan Cobra-Lilies (Arisaema) Their Botany and Culture", Udai C.
Pradhan, Primulacae Books, Kalimpong, India, 1990, ISBN 81-85423-00-8.

Peter Boyce has pointed out there some flaws in Pradhan, but then what
book doesn't have a few.

Timber Press expressed an interest in doing a Monograph on Arisaema, but
when we found them an author that could produce a book like Boyce's
"Arum", they claimed to want a more "popular" approach. We need the
thorough book, not an expanded magazine article.

The best one can do now is seek out the articles in the AEG =Bibliography,
some are available from AEG. The best picture of the genus is in Flora =of
China, Flora of Japan, and the papers on Indian and African species =plus,
of course, Huttleston's treatise on the American species.

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