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There is only one book on Arisaema, so the choice is a no-brainer. The
problem is it's out of print and very hard to find.
"Himalayan Cobra-Lilies (Arisaema) Their Botany and Culture", Udai C.
Pradhan, Primulacae Books, Kalimpong, India, 1990, ISBN 81-85423-00-8.

Peter Boyce has pointed out there some flaws in Pradhan, but then what
book doesn't have a few.

Timber Press expressed an interest in doing a Monograph on Arisaema, but
when we found them an author that could produce a book like Boyce's
"Arum", they claimed to want a more "popular" approach. We need the
thorough book, not an expanded magazine article.

The best one can do now is seek out the articles in the AEG Bibliography,
some are available from AEG. The best picture of the genus is in Flora of
China, Flora of Japan, and the papers on Indian and African species plus,
of course, Huttleston's treatise on the American species.

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