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Thanks very much for the info re Kaichen, very enlightening - also worryi=ng.

If the material is coming from areas that are under population (human)
stress then they are to be applauded.  If, however, they are from remote
areas then it is a worry.  I really would like to know hoy they can ship
wild collected Cyprepidiums.  On my trip last year the Missouri and
Edinburgh Bot Gardens would not even take herbarium collections of Orchid
species as they were CITES listed and should not be moved between countri=es!

What I pray is that people getting tubers from Kaichen, Madan and others
that wild collect, make sure they have it multiply so that the plants
survive in cultivation.

One last comment on this thread, congratulations to Paul Christian and To=ny
Avent for introducing new species to cultivation.  I only hope that peopl=e
who buy these plants buy enough to ensure that they can get seed.  It is =not
good enough for us as collectors to have one tuber of a species (that wil=l
eventually die) just so that we can say "I've got it".  That is what the
Zoos of old use to do.  Our duty to the plants we love is to make sure th=ey
survive and thrive!

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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