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Sun Feb 22 20:38:38 CET 1998

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Subject: Catalogs

It's the time for new catalogs again.

I just got Paul Christian's latest --- over 40 kinds of Arisaema
plus all kinds of other goodies. You can E-mail Paul at
<paul at> or, even better, visit his web site
<> to see the beautiful pictures and
wonderful descriptions.

Don't forget to get a copy of Ellen Hornig's catalog. Ellen
has the best A. candidissimum I've ever seen and lots
of other neat stuff at very reasonable prices. E-mail for
a catalog at <hornig at>.

Tony Avent's Spring Catalog will blow your mind --- more
wonderful plants than you thought existed. Get a copy at
<tony at>.

I know there are many more great places to satisfy your
plant cravings, especially in Canada. Please post a note
to let us all know about your favorite sources.

Many more of our members run nurseries. Please, don't be shy.
There are so many new AEG members that need to know
where to get the good stuff.

<GRSJr at>

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