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This is a question about Kaichen that I sent to Harvey.
I'll forward any response that he sends to Trillium-L on to Arisaema-L.

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Thanks for the interesting posting about the Kaichen Nursery. Many people=on
both Trillium-L and Arisaema-L have participated in the recent group orde=r,
and it was fun to visualize from your report the source of all the "goodi=es".

Did you get any impression about who was making the IDs of the plants? Th=e
fact that Chen Yi's father-in-law is an orchid specialist seems to fit wi=th
an impression that the orchids pictured on the website are correctly
identified for the most part.  However, I've heard from several people th=at a
lot of the other IDs are not correct, again, based on the photos. And whe=ther
the plants will match the photos is another question. Do you know where t=he
photos originated? From your description of the "nursery" (basically a
cold-storage transshipment facilty) and the supposition that these plants=are
reaching Beijing from all over China, it's hard to figure who takes the
pictures. And if the IDs are being made in Beijing from photos done
elsewhere, there's no telling what some of the plants may turn out to be!

Any info that you have on this would be of interest to some of us (althou=gh
probably boring to others!). I'm going to forward your original posting t=o
Arisaema-L, and will do likewise to any further postings on the subject.

Thanks again.

Jim McClements, Dover, DE Zone 7a

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