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Hi Craig,

>It was a great opportunity for me this year to contribute to the AEG
>after the years of generosity from it's members.
>    First donation received              Oct. 20/97
>    Last donation received               Jan 28/98
>    Bubble Pack Mailers                 121
>    Labeled Seed Baggies               1,812
>                                                     20,675 seed
>    Donors                                      32
>    Species and/or varieties             98
>    It won't seem but a moment til I'm after you all again next
Don't you think it's time you saw a doctor about your condition.  Having
recently completed a smaller distribution than this one I can only be
overawed by your work but you must be insane to already be planning to ta=ke
it on again next year.  Well done and thank you.

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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