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No problem with the small tubers I have been forcing. They look just fine
and grew well too. The second forcing they ranged from pea sized to about
3/" dia. and still no damage.

I think your worry would be justified if the bags were moved often so the
grit rubbed against the tuber. But, once I put them in the grit and the
bag in the frig., there's no movement. They are much easier to separate
than when I used milled sphagnum or peat moss.

I don't store big tubers indoors. They stay in the ground which, unlike
that of some poor soles, never freezes. On the other hand, hurricanes
drop trees on the ground where tubers are. It makes a very compact tuber
which, never-the-less, grows in spite of it all.

Those with cyclamen houses are truly blessed. I have C. persicum both
white and pink just blooming their hearts out all summer in a sheltered
nook. What to do with them in winter Is a problem. They won't survive
outdoors here.

I bought them in Feb. from a grocery store because they were so
spectacular. When they stopped blooming and it was warm, I put them out
still in the pots. Little did I suspect they would bloom again, and
again, and again - all summer.

Anyway, no wonder your A. candidissimum are so wonderful - hand wrapped
in newspaper yet. As they say in New York, my tubers should live so long.

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