Advice Needed on Inside Storage of Mature Arisaema Tubers

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Fri Aug 28 14:53:06 CEST 1998


In Knoxville you shouldn't have to bring the tuberlets inside. But if
you're a
belt & suspenders man, put them in just barely moist chick-grit,
and store them in a cool dry place in baggies or pots. It's probably best
have some air circulation, but you need to keep the just-moist condition.
I find this too much to cope with and close the zip-lock baggies. If you
do this,
be sure there are no mold spores in the mix.

If you keep them in the refrigerator, they may start to germinate in 3
That may be a very inconvenient time. However, left 2 months in the frig,
they can be grown under lights to gain a whole season in maturity.

In essence, the cold period spurs a new growth period. If you want that,
store them cold. If you don't, store them at the temperature of a cool
We don't know how cold a cold period has to be. We know 40F works well,
there is some evidence that 50F may also work. So, I'd be inclined toward
60F if I didn't want premature growth.

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