Intermedium seeds

Jim McClements, Dover, DE z6 JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Fri Aug 28 04:40:11 CEST 1998

I'd be interested in knowing others' experience in growing A. intermedium from

It appears to me, from two different sources of seed of this species, that
it's another one (like elephas, thunbergii, and the "Fyler" serratum) that
only forms a small tuber in the first growth cycle, with no eophyll. The
latter appears (hopefully!) only after at least one cold period.

Today I harvested the tiny "tuberlets" from A. intermedium GSE 97.9992 and
refrigerated them, so we'll see what happens. As I mentioned last week, I've
had poor luck with elephas, but fair success with thunbergii and almost 100%
with the serratum.

Anybody else?

Jim McClements

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