Pinellia tridentata ?

Jim McClements, Dover, DE z6 JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Sat Aug 8 04:27:12 CEST 1998

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<<I was recently sent some seeds labeled Pinellia tridentata. I can not
find any information on the net about this particular species and am
wondering if anyone is familiar with this one?  The only information I
have is that it is apparently of Chinese origin. I would appreciate
confirmation of the name (or synonym) and perhaps the URL of a
photograph if one exists.




In the past year there have been several postings on both Arisaema-L and
Trillium-L about Pinellias, but I don't think that P. tridentata has ever been
mentioned. I can't find it in any references that I have, even as a synonym.

If anyone comes up with anything on this, please post it to the group.

Jim McClements

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