seed importation

Marc Hachadourian mhach at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Sep 29 01:20:43 CEST 1997

Dear All-

Could someone help settle an argument about the importation of seed into
the United States from foreign countries ( England, France, S.Africa
etc.) Do you need a permit or not? I know that for plant materials you
do. And do they need to go through Agricultural inspection?
If a permit is needed does anyone know  the address at USDA where a
permit can be obtained.

An now an Arisaema question?  Today I checked on some of my tubers. My
plant of A. sazensoo has two eyes on the top of the tuber. Is it
possible to divide Arisaemas by cutting the corm? i have done this with
some taro species and had success and was just wondering if you can do
this with Arisaemas as well.


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