A. dracontium

eduardo gomes goncalves eggon at GUARANY.CPD.UNB.BR
Fri Sep 26 02:05:47 CEST 1997

Dear all...

As some of you already knew, I was one of the few AEGers that hadn't
any Arisaema. That's why most of you never "hearded" my "voice" in this
list. Now things has changed. I received my first batch of Arisaema seed
(it was A. dracontium) from a good friend. I could find lots of good
information in the AEG page and in the Arisaema-L about the germination of
the seeds in this amazing genus. Is there any special care with the
germination of such species? I received the fruits inside the berry, so I
took off the seeds from the pulp and washed them for almost an entire day
(don't you laugh... I'm a newbier!!). I heard from you in this list that
the seeds can be sowed in humid filter paper. That's why I put the seeds
over a piece of humid filter paper, inside a petri dish. I was thinking if
I should try some seeds outdoors (in pots). It is raining a lot here in
Brasilia and the temperature ranges between 20-25oC.

Any suggestions?

Best wishes,


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