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Paul Christian paul at RAREPLANTS.CO.UK
Mon Sep 22 17:59:30 CEST 1997

Hi Tom, and welcome from a fellow nutter,


No Ray, No Ray, No Ray, NO, lets not hear how anyone made them, just pass me
their names and addresses and I will visit them.  Daffodils and Gladiolus
were nice once, don't do this to Arisaemas. Leave them pure, keep them
clean, its is bad enough that they change sex.

I won't send you any omeiense if your cross-breed them.

>Please welcome Tom Jacobs, our 100th. member. Tom grows Arisaema at
>Hopewell Junction, NY in zone 6a. To date his collection is small, but
>He lives on White Pine and Larch woodland. Sounds great for Arisaema.
>Tom is interested in inter-specific crosses of Arisaema, so if you can
>help him with
>suggestions and knowledge of existing crosses, please do. In fact, how
>about someone
>posting what we know about Arisaema hybrids.
>I could only find
>A. monophyllum x serratum, A. sikokianum x tosaense, and A. sikokianum x
>but I'm sure there are more. Some of us have experimented with Don
>Jacobs' fertilization
>technique. Let's hear how it worked for you and the details of your
><GRSJr at>
Paul :-))

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