Doug Green greensgf at MULBERRY.COM
Thu Sep 18 23:04:20 CEST 1997

Some time ago, there was a thread on rust and I said I would check out the
extension folks over at Florinet and see what they had to say about rust.
Between my trips this summer to conferences and an Irish garden tour, I've
not had a chance to get to the bottom of my desk, never mind the email
lineup.   This is the single comment I received on the query and I include
it for your interest.  I think it is important for those using chemicals
such as Benomyl or Cygon to clearly evaluate their problems and control

"Systemic rusts are difficult. Plantvax has a generic label that
would cover this plant, I believe. Terraguard might work as well. These are
both systemics. Protect T/O as a barrier protectant might work on plants just
before cuttings are to be harvested.
I agree with the grower's sanitation efforts. Removing all sporulating
lesions from infected tissue before trying to take cuttings, etc. Benomyl
would be a waste of time. I have no information on the effects of Cygon. Who
knows? CPP"

Douglas Green
Simple Gifts Farms
Athens, Ontario, Canada.
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