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Rand Nicholson writserv at NBNET.NB.CA
Sat Sep 13 19:35:19 CEST 1997

>        Fellow AEG'ers
>        To follow Ellen's example,I have 34 first year tubers (cormettes?)
>of various sizes to offer ,for the asking,and your snail mail
>address. Ellen's cultural notes apply here perfectly.
>        These are from seed harvested in my zone 5b garden near Toronto,so
>seem exceptionally hardy.
>        I'll split these up among the first 10 requests.
>        Craig
>"Always allow for the changes time will bring"

Hi Craig:

Please count me in!

My tortuosum seedlings all went down within a week of germinating from damp
off last year. I had eight of them and I almost cried. I used a product
called "No Damp" on them, but (obviously) that didn't work for them. Do you
know if sulpher powder is a good way of preventing damp off? Will it damage
new seedlings?

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
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Saint John, New Brunswick
E2K 2Y3   (Maritime Zone 5b)

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