Fall Seed Distribution

craig stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Sat Sep 13 17:00:00 CEST 1997

Fellow AEGers:
Even before my own seed have finished ripening, I have received
donations to the AEG Fall '97 Seed Distribution.   Thank you to those of
you who started the ball rolling.
As many of you already know, I will be handling this year's seed
distibution.  With so many new members, I hope that those members with
estabished gardens will be able to repeat the generosity demonstated
last year.  In the last five years, my collection of Arisaema has grown
from 3 species to 21, due almost exclusively to the AEG Seed

1)  With AEG membership now over the 200 mark, we could never get too
much seed of some of the less rare species, ie:   consanguineum,
sikokianum, dracontium, tortuosum, ringens, etc., etc. you have seed
of.  Many of our new members need absolutely everything - so don't be
afraid to bury me in seed, we'll use it all.
2)  Starting with this seed distibution, we intend to stop mailing out
seed of species that you have donated, unless otherwise directed.
Please let me know.

1) If any of you would like a brief decription of seed cleaning and/or
seed germination technique please e-mail me directly for that

I will be contacting many of you directly after a closer look at the
'Who's Got What' listing that Ray has provided.
I look forward to your 'Envelopes and Inquiries'.

Craig Stubbs
P.O. Box 596
15 Princess Street
Brooklin, Ontario
Canada   L0B 1C0

(905) 655 3257

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