Jean Halverson jahalve at MHTC.NET
Mon Sep 8 20:32:32 CEST 1997

This plant bloomed for the second time with female flowers, no male
around unless she was available to take advantage of what I think are
serratum which were blooming close by.

The 'seed' head has been sitting for the past 2 weeks or so with row
upon packed row of tiny green berries.  I broke a few open and there are
tiny, flat translucent features that perhaps are unfertilized seeds?

My question is--Should I break off the spadix?  If the seeds were
fertile, shouldn't they be growing or something in 2 weeks time?  I have
never paid attention to the development of seeds on triphyllum or
dracontium which are the only 2 seed producers I have--they just show
up!  Is the plant wasting resources teasing me?  It bloomed so late
because it's been in the house, bloomed last fall and was set outside
after a 3 month dormancy in the refrigerator.

I'd appreciate any advice.  I plan on letting it go dormant and planting
it outside with protection after the weather freezes which might not be
too far off.  Or, since it bloomed so late, should it be brought inside
to grow another month or so?  (I feel like a dog with a bone!)


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