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Hello Jim & AEG'ers
My first tubers purchased came from Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery
about 8 or 9 years ago. I remember reading their instructions about
storing the tubers in the refrigerator, but chose instead to go ahead
and fall plant. I have done that with all size tubers from nurseries
since and not lost one to rot as yet when fall planting. Tuber size was
from first season to mature bloom size. I did loose one this winter that
was established for some years and I moved it to another location  in
the garden.
Tubers have come from all over. We-Du nurseries, Heronswood, Red's
Rhodies, and  Ellen Hornig to name a few.
Perhaps this is all because I was ignorant and did not know they
were supposed to rot. Now that I know all of this they may begin rotting
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AR>The question about rotting is one of those chicken and egg things. I think
AR>that it's probably right that after an arisaema has been established in the
AR>garden for a few years it's less prone to rot. But this may be more because
AR>it's happy in its environment, rather than a function of size or age. The
AR>opposite may be true for freshly purchased tubers. My experience is that the
AR>large ones are MORE prone to rot than the small ones, which is undoubtedly
AR>due to their being injured during the collection and transporting process.

AR>I'd certainly like to hear some other input on this.

AR>Jim McClements

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