Kaichen Arisaema Pics

Martyn Denney martyn at DENNEY.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Sep 4 10:18:48 CEST 1997

Dear all,

Having finally got round to looking at the illustrations at the Kaichen
Nursery website  (http://www.bjkaichen-hgd.co.cn/), I am left with a
degree of uncertainty - am I alone or have others noticed.

There are illustrations for both Arisaema brevipes and A.franchetianum.

The A. brevipes illustration looks to me like A. franchetianum although
there is no leaf shown.  The leaf stalk leaving the photograph looks
fairly robust and would support a franchetianum leaf.

The illustration of A. franchetianum includes a single leaf which is
radial with (I think) 9 leaflets, but the inflorescence is not very

This all begs the question - does one order by name or illustration?
Does anyone have any comments?
Martyn Denney
Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

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