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Jim McClements wrote:

>There's no question in my mind that young arisaemas being grown in pots pull
>themselves deeper.

I have seen this also.

>The question about rotting is one of those chicken and egg things. I think
>that it's probably right that after an arisaema has been established in the
>garden for a few years it's less prone to rot. But this may be more because
>it's happy in its environment, rather than a function of size or age. The
>opposite may be true for freshly purchased tubers. My experience is that the
>large ones are MORE prone to rot than the small ones, which is undoubtedly
>due to their being injured during the collection and transporting process.
>I'd certainly like to hear some other input on this.

I have purchased tubers from large commercial growers, but soon stopped. In
every case the tubers rotted within weeks. In most cases, as I recall, the
tubers arrived already in active growth with new roots on them. Perhaps if
they had been shipped earlier ...?

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