Premature germination

guy gusman ggusman at ULB.AC.BE
Mon Nov 24 07:32:56 CET 1997

>The seedhead on one of my Arisaema franchetianums finally started to show
>some red color this week, so I harvested it yesterday. I had moved it into
>the cool greenhouse about a month ago before we got sub-freezing
>Upon cleaning the seeds, I found that virtually every one had gerninated.
>No, there weren't any long roots sticking out, but there was a short root
>curled up inside the seed coat. At first I was worried that they had rotted
>since they looked mis-shapen, but it was just the plant growing inside.
>My question is should I plant them immediately, or try to send them into
>the seed exchange? I remember that Guy Gusman sent in some last year that
>had sprouted by the time we received them, but I think mine might be
>farther along. Any ideas?
>What's the latest on the strike, Craig? And hang in there, MJ, your prize
>is going in the mail tomorrow.
>--Roy Herold

I'd sow them at once. But now it would be interesting to look for the
occurence of "multistemmed" seedlings. Indeed these didn't suffer any  kind
of Postal scanning e.g. X-Ray. Remember our last year discussion.
Looking forward,

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