Overwintering in containers

craig stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Thu Nov 13 23:30:39 CET 1997

Jim, Ray et al
Last winter Al Bickell and I over wintered A. ringens , Cyp.
reginae and an unidentified stoloniferous bog plant in "just damp"
The turface was soaked in water, put on paper towels to drain any
excess water away, and poured into clear 4 inch pots to a depth of about
2 inches .  The corms, tubers,  stolons were then placed on top of the
turface,  just covered with the same turface, the pots covered with a
perforated cap, and the pots stored in a cool greenhouse where the air
temp was never allowed to fall below 35 F.  They all survived
handsomely, but broke dormancy here in zone 5 about a month too early.
The reason we used clear pots (actually health food store peanut
butter containers with wholes drilled in the bottom) was to observe the
hibernating tubers without disturbing them. The greenhouse was
misted/watered weekly so humidity inside was often very high.  Although
there was never any need to add more water the clear pots would have
revealed any dryness.  Conversely if any misting water had made its way
into pots the drilled bottoms would have allowed for drainage. A total
of 22 specimens received this treatment with no losses.  I feel this
technique gives 100% humidity while allowing for excellent aeration of
the soil (turface) Hope this helps.
I will be treating many of my Kaichen immigrants this way.

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