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George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Sat Nov 8 01:36:38 CET 1997

Al, and others who wonder:

The AEG seed exchange is open to all members of AEG, like you.

How does it work?   It works very well.

Seriously. It works like this.

Seed is donated by members and distributed to members as follows:

1. If there is enough seed of a species, all members get some
(except those who have asked not to receive common species).

2. If there is too much seed, it is distributed as in 1.
(except the excess is distributed to commercial members who are
better able to handle hundreds of seed of a species).

3. If there is not enough seed for all,
it is distributed to those members who do not show the species
in their AEG collection inventory.

4. Occasionally the number of seed is so small that
they are divided among members with the most sophisticated
collections and lacking the particular species. These people
generally do not share in the more common species seed.

So, keep your AEG collection inventory up to date
so that you will qualify for the rare stuff.

Note that members without seed to share
are still included in the distribution. This way,
those with bounteous harvests can help newcomers
develop their collections.

Craig Stubbs is handling the fall distribution this year,
so send seed to him at:

Craig Stubbs
15 Princess St.
P.O. #596
Canada L0B 1CO
craigs at

Last spring we distributed  7152 seed of 26 species
in 533 packets to 65 members.
Current membership is 101 worldwide.

The upcoming fall distribution should be an even better one according to

<GRSJr at>

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