Arisaema quinatum?

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Thu May 29 14:48:05 CEST 1997

McClements, Jim wrote:
> To me it looked like it had a lot
> of A. dracontium in it!

Interesting that you make this observation. Have you seen the article on
naturally occurring stewardsonii/dracontium hybrids that were found in
Massachusetts? The evidence certainly seems compelling. I'll try to post
a scan of the illustrations to the A. Page soon.

And in response to Mike Slater: There is no hint of any purple
coloration on the spathe. I didn't get a chance to check the back of the
leaves yet. The specimen I scanned was in pretty sad shape, and it may
have looked to be darker in spots-- more likely just drying up. As for
scanning, the scanner has a depth of field of a little over a half inch,
to you don't have to squash it flat. I just leave the lid up, and put a
piece of black cardboard behind it. Next scan: Ellen's red veined leaf
(really neat-- I've seen nothing like it around here). Who needs

Lastly, hang in there everybody. Wilbert's photos will appear very soon!

--Roy Herold
North Reading, MA

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