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Wed May 28 12:51:41 CEST 1997

>On a recent tromp through the woods here in Oswego, NY, Judy Springer and
>I (well, first Judy, later I) found a few A. triphyllum with deep red
>staining around the midrib of each leaflet.  These plants were generally
>heavily pigmented: dark stems and petioles, spathe interiors a glossy
>near-black with stark white stripes, spathe exteriors somewhat striped.
>Very handsome plants indeed. How common is this sort of reddish veination
>in A. triphyllum?

I have two of them up here (or _did_ have: They are just starting to open
up in this springless Maritime Canada. We'll see.), except the spathe
exteriors were very well striped and the interiors a _deep_
purple-chocolate with well defined pure white stripes. The spathe stems
were a very dark red, the leaf petioles slightly lighter.

Oh. By the bye, Ellen, the candidissimum is a girl. No-one around to dance
with her, but she still has on her party colours. Very pretty. One
tripartate leaf stalk with rounded leaves.

Kind Regards,


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