Arisaema quinatum?

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Wed May 28 03:19:13 CEST 1997

Please take a look at the following pictures:

I got this arisaema from a friend who said it was wild collected in
northern Alabama, and is claimed to be Arisaema quinatum. It certainly
looks different from any triphyllum type that I have ever seen, although I
have to admit I've never seen the true A. triphyllum ssp quinatum. The
spadix is smaller than any species I have run across, and is only 0.04" in
diameter, with a tip that is darker and sharply delineated in color from
the lower portion. The leaf fell apart before I got a chance to do a scan,
but definitely had five leaflets, all about the same size, about 1" x 3".

Do the experts out there have any ideas? Or is it just another variant of
plain olf Arisaema triphyllum ssp. quinatum?

--Roy Herold
North Reading, MA

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