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Paul Christian paul at RAREPLANTS.CO.UK
Fri May 9 21:04:19 CEST 1997

Hi all again,

I am (I think) replying to everyone who emailed about the Chinese material,
forgive me if I do nbot do it individually, but boy oh boy did I get a lot
of mail today!

I don't have plants only gifs and a Chinese fax number, but the good news is
that I ordered the bulbs today and the fax got through.  Also the dialling
code on the fax is Beijing, so I know a little more.

Guy Gusman has been tremendous with names and suggestions and I will code up
and attach his information at the AEG page that I mentioned earlier.  I
guess that it will be Monday before I can do this however.
( should work

Jim and Joan, yes I hope for gobs of seed, Nina yes that sp1 is gorgeous, I
think that it has us all bowled over. Scott, sorry, hope that it didn't get
you too lusty, but I know what you mean.

Will keep everyone posted, I am as keen as you all believe me.

Paul :-))
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