Chinese Arisaema

Paul Christian paul at RAREPLANTS.CO.UK
Thu May 8 20:54:22 CEST 1997

Jim, All

you need it - I NEED IT

I have posted the pictures at my site, if you have an "aware" emailer like
Eudora click on this

or use your browser.  There is something a bit funny at the server at
present so you may need to hit "reload" a few times, one of the gifs is

I have posted everything that I know there.  The source is new, untried and
unverified and I don't know where they are - just a fax number in China.....

Sorrrrrrrrry to tease you Greg but I am doing my best, I really am.  Nedless
to say IF I can get anything, then you guys have first pick.

Sorry also to be mysterious about Madan by the way.  I speak no bad of him,
his plants and service have been excellent.  His corms and tubers were good,
even when my order was late.  Bear in mind that even with the best of
sources there will be losses, according to the species and handling and time
in transit.

The reason for saying that there will be "surprises" is that some of the
stocks contain things clearly not to the name, but they look exciting and
this is not a criticism but a bonus.

Also I had other things in at the same time from two other sources.  I was
careful to keep stocks apart but not careful enough to note which came from
who - other than at the time of sending samples out to some of you.

So "griffithii" are all intermedium but in two colours, costatum are all
galeatum or were as they all died, sp E.Himalayas was costatum, as were one
batch of nepenthoides, another batch were true but contained griffithii and
intermedium; utile were true from one source but verrucosum from another,
whilst verruscosum were true.  A. concinnum were concinnum, so were
ochraceum, consanguineum are sulking, ostiolatum are true and beautiful........

This is why I just said surprises.  No slights intended to Madan in all of
this, I really do not know which are attributable to who, except ostiolatum,
these are certainly Madan's and true to name.

Nuff said, enjoy the pics, await the plants

At 12:00 08/05/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Paul;
>        I have no idea what  "sp 1", China is, but I need it. Hope it makes
>gobs of seeds.
>        Jim W.
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Paul :-))
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