MJ Hatfield oneota at AMES.NET
Tue May 6 14:20:42 CEST 1997

In Feb. I pulled my yearling (1/2 a yearling) Arisaema tuberettes out of
the fridge and potted them up. It took nearly a month for them to regrow
and now some are turning yellow. I've unpotted them and the tubers don't
look much bigger than when I potted them which would make sense since
they've grown for such a short time. Anything you can tell me about
this? Do I just refridgerate them again, a month or two, then repot. My
A. triphyllum babies in the wild grow all summer long.
Also, some of the larger tubers sprouted early and had to be potted.
Outside temperatures are just now warm enough to begin planting outside.
Will there be a problem unpotting the plants and replanting outside?
You've all said that the roots are sensitive to disturbance.
A.triphyllums are just beginning to flower, A.sikokianum just broke thru
the soil's surface and not a single A.dracontium to be seen.
When is the best time to dig up the triphyllums and divide and replant?
Late fall after the fruit has been harvested?
Thanks for the help.
MJ Hatfield

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