Seed Donations To AEG

Greg Ruckert uasonyero at EZINET.COM.AU
Fri May 2 01:33:43 CEST 1997


Sorry to report that I had zero seed set this last season.  Our plants died
down about 3 months ago which was early, I expect due to an incredible
summer.  I am currently slogging through the AEG archive and am hoping for
a good seed set this coming season due to greater knowledge.

I have only recently packed all my bulbs in sand and vermiculite to send
them some 20km so that they have a more aggressive winter experience.

>From what I have seen of the AEG, in the short time that I have been
online, I am happy to pledge a minimum of 80% of any seed harvested to the

To all northern hemisphere Arisaemaphiles, please keep the observations of
wild Arisaemas coming up and flowering, coming in.  It gives great joy to
someone who can't experience it for themselves.

Greg Ruckert
47 Allinga Avenue
Glenside 5065
South Australia, Australia
Telephone 61 8 83795123
Fax 61 8 83642003

> From: Craig Stubbs <craigs at ICAN.NET>
> Subject: Seed Donations To AEG
> Date: Friday, May 02, 1997 2:19 AM
>         Hi There......especially those of you in the Southern
>         A short note to remind you that our increasing membership is
> hungry for seed.
>         It is most probably harvest season for Arisaema seed in your half
> the world,so please send
>         your harvest when available.Do any of your gardens experience
> extended snow cover?Pls let me know!!
>         Craig Stubbs
>         P.O. Box 596
>         15 Princess St.
>         Brooklin,Ontario
>         Canada,L0B 1C0
>                 Thank You Craig

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