China trip update

Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Wed Jul 30 02:53:37 CEST 1997

Hi all,

Thanks to the AEG members who have subscribed to the Seed Collecting
Expedition to this remote and largely unexplored area of China.  As my
departure is now less than a month away I ask those that have indicated an
interest in subscribing but have not yet done so to finalise arrangements.
I now have a more complete itinerary:

Sep. 1(Mon.)-Arrival in Kunming
Sep. 2-4(Tue.-Thu.)-Prepare for field work in Kunming Institute of Botany
Sep. 5(Fri.)-Travel from Kunming to Dali City
Sep. 6(Sat.)-Travel from Dali City to Liuku
Sep. 7(Sun.)-Field work at Liuku
Sep. 8(Mon.)-Travel from Liuku to Gongshan
Sep. 9-16(Tue.-Tue.)-Field work at West of Bingzhonglou, Qinglatong,
Aqiaolou, Changputong
Sep. 17-18(Wen.-Thu.)-Return to Gongshan; field work to Dandang
Sep. 19(Sun.)-Travel from Gongshan to Qiqi
Sep. 20-26(Sat.-Fri.)-Field work at Qiqi and Dongshanfang
Sep. 27-28(Sat.-Sun.)-Return to Gongshan, field work
Sep. 29-Oct. 2(Mon.-Thu.) Travel to West of Fugong, field work
Oct. 3(Fri.)-Travel from Fugong to Lushui
Oct. 4-5(Sat.-Sun.)-Travel to Pianma, field work
Oct. 6(Mon.)-Return to Liuku
Oct. 7-8(Tue.-Wen.)-Field work at Shangjiang
Oct. 9-10(Thu.-Fri.)-Travel to Dali City, field work
Oct. 11(Sat.)-Return to Kunming

I am informed that we will be working as high as 11,000 feet.
As a result of a couple of substantial subscribers I will be making much
broader collections than the initial proposition of just Aroids.  You are
welcome to specify if you are only interested in Arisaema/Amorphophallus or
general material.  Expedition page is at:

Greg Ruckert
47 Allinga Avenue
Glenside  5065
South Australia
Phone 61 8 83795123
Fax 61 8 83642003

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