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Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Tue Jul 22 15:23:26 CEST 1997

Hi all,

Thanks Roy,

>The next time Greg starts to beat up on me, I'll post A. roxburghii, one of
>the tropical types. It has a spadix that resembles a green and purple
>toothpick, and a slick upfacing spathe hood. Stay tuned...

Looking forward to it - as any real enthusiast would!

Actually Roy, things are fairly hectic down here.  All the Arisaema are
potted and the first ones are up.  The seedlings from the seed from Madan
are growing well and plans for the trip to China are going well.

Had an email from Tony Avent pointing that he had hoped to go to the area
that Prof Li will be taking us to last year but the roads were washed out!!
He went on "The area that you are visiting is full of dysosma, podophyllum,
etc. which are also of great interest."

In view of a couple of major subscribers to the trip, I will be collecting
seed from plants other than Aroids. Prof Li mentioned that as well as
expecting to find many Arisaema we can also expect to collect Amorphophallus
and many other interesting genera.

Still taking subscriptions.

Still think it is a better way to get new species (that might never be
available in the Nurseries) than importing tubers from Kaichen.
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