A. heterophyllum; Pinellia

McClements, Jim JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Mon Jul 14 04:56:19 CEST 1997


Arisaema heterophyllum should probably be included in the list of monoecious
arisaemas, along with the usually named A. flavum and A.tortuosum. My four
largest (3 +feet) plants of this species all contained flowers of both sexes
this year and all are apparently well on the way to making copious amounts of

I suppose it's possible that in a few years they could become
all-female-flowered, but I doubt it. I'm sure that as we all grow more and
more species, more bisexual ones will be noted. However, remember that many
species go through a bisexual "transition" phase while shifting from male to
female, and ultimately become totally female.

Regarding Pinellia size:
1, the "dreaded ternata" is less than a foot to the tip of the flower, the
leaves being considerably shorter. Don't ask about the stolons!
2. P.pedatasecta is 20-24 inches tall
3. P.tripartita is about 30 inches tall
4. P.cordata is not very tall (6 inches at most) but the beautiful veined
leaves can be 7-8 inches long.

Jim McClements, Dover, DE

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