a very sad day

McClements, Jim JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Thu Jul 10 02:44:30 CEST 1997


I would have to agree, based on some of my very sad days, that raised beds or
whatever it takes to avoid excessive winter wet and promote "good drainage"
(translate soil aeration) offer the best chance to keep arisaemas going.

However, apparently even that doesn't always work. Dick Weaver, former
co-owner of WEDU Nursery and a very experienced and knowledgable plantsman,
finally gave up on trying to grow arisaemas because of similar experiences,
and he had raised beds and well drained soil.

So far, I'm having good luck with my new "peat/sand" raised beds, but I may
eat my words next year. And some of my oldest and apparently happiest
arisaemas are in spots that I would consider less than ideal. Go figure!

Jim McClements, Dover, DE

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