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Thu Jul 3 15:56:23 CEST 1997


MJ's experience with failure of germination of B&T seeds puts me in mind of
an experience that several of us had 7-8 years ago, when arisaema seeds from
Asia were rarely available. Joseph Halda collected seed of ten species which
were offered for sale through his then-partner Kurt Bleumel at $5 per packet.
John Wurdack, Judy Glattstein and I were among those who bought all ten, and
although I was a rank amateur, the other two were, and still are, arisaema
experts. None of us got ANY germination with any of the seed.

No one ever figured out the problem. The most rational explanation that I
heard was that perhaps the seed had been "cooked" sometime between collection
and distribution, by being exposed to excess heat, but who knows? When I feel
the temperature in my mailbox this time of year or imagine the various places
that packages might be temporarily kept while in transit, exposure to excess
heat, or perhaps even extremely low temperatures, is certainly within the
realm of possibility.

At least 90% of the arisaema species that we deal with are easy to germinate,
so when a whole batch fails, there is something else going on.

However, that brings me to the subject of A. elephas. Guy Gusman, certainly
one of our experts, tells me that he has had no germination from any of this
species. I have had the same results, even after exposing them to a
refrigerator visit for 21/2 months. I think Tony A. said a few months ago
that he was having some success, but only after a cold period. There must
have been a lot of that seed distributed by our China visitors, so how about
some reports?

I also would be interested in knowing if anyone has has germination from the
mystery arisaema seed from Carol Fyler that I sent out to a few people last
fall. I haven't.

Jim McClements

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