Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Tue Jul 1 02:56:35 CEST 1997


Don't give up on the A. flavums-- mine are just coming up now. The short
ones are in bloom, and the tall ones are barely poking through the surface.
The seed (if they set) mature remarkably quickly-- faster than any other
arisaema I've run across. I recall picking red ripe seeds in late
August/early September. These were growing in full sun, so that may have
helped them along. Heck, your days are longer than ours, so you shouldn't
have any problem....

As for the Arisaema sp. seedlings you have, they may have been from some
seed that Tony Avent or I collected in Yunnan last October. Until they
bloom, they will have to remain nameless. Who knows?

--Roy Herold
N. Reading, MA

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