Arisaema seeds and hardiness

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Wed Aug 27 01:30:20 CEST 1997


Don't give them away. All the species you mentioned grow in Canada. Check
with Craig Stubbs to find out
how to get them to survive. They will be confused by the reversal of the

For example A. franchetianum grows intermingled with A. candidissimum
that you say you want. Both grow wonderfully well in Oswego, NY.  And if
A. tortuosum won't grow for you, nothing will. A. sikokianum is a lot
trickier to grow because it arises too early and gets zapped by the late
frost. Again, it depends on the microclimate.

I think you put too much stock in the hardiness rating business. So much
depends on the microclimate. If they'll grow at Thunder Bay, they'll grow
for you. But you must treat them properly.

There's no seed bank just waiting for you to trade in your unwanteds for
your wanteds. If you really don't want to give them a chance, send them
to Craig Stubbs for the seed distribution. Id be surprised if many of
your wanted species are not in the seed exchange. The more seasoned
members often request the distributor to hold these common species for
the newcomers.

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