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Wed Aug 27 00:34:59 CEST 1997

Following the US group order of plants from Kaichen in China announced
Jan Renfroe on arisaema-l, trillium-l and alpine-l, Alisdair Aird is now
organising a group order for the UK only. The order will go in during
September and the plants should be sent by air during November.

You can look at the Kaichen website at:

I found few of the pictures came through fully, but all were

Following are Kaichen's terms of trade.

--$500.00 US minimum (but another version says 1000.00 US) for total
order (ie no individual minimum)

--20 plants per species minimum (again, total order)

--20% down payment when order is placed, orders due by October 1
--80% due 5 days after order arrives (probably November)

--Shipment is by air at approx $2.00 per lb.

I have included the listing of plants that they offer.  There are 2
lists, so look at both, they are different. (I have deleted from
List Two plants that are included identically on List One. I have
also deleted all terrestrial orchids, as we will NOT be including
these in the UK order.)

The symbol * after the price means that it's almost certain that
we already have enough interest to meet the 20 plant minimum
order in that species. The symbol (*) means that people are
interested in ordering that species, but we need more orders to
meet the 20 minimum.

I have kept the Kaichen spellings even when these are inaccurate,
or eg when the plant is now considered a Semiaquilegia rather than
Aquilegia, or Podophyllum hexandrum rather than emodi.
Note that there is no guarantee that plants will be true to name!

If you are interested please contact me Alisdair Aird by email as soon
possible, ideally saying which species you are interested in, and how
of each. My email address is

Alisdair at


Jan Renfroe
jrenfroe at

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