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Sun Aug 24 02:19:21 CEST 1997

Just a note from zone 4 in the US, Vermont to be specific. The Arisaema
flava I trtialed in two locations has now come through three test winters
just fine. Plants are bigger than ever, and in both cases, seed heads have
overwintered on the ground beside the mother plants, and given rise to
healthy clusters of seedlings--the same way the seedling A. trphyllum occur
around here. The sites:
one is decidedly riparian, being in the flood zone (a sand bar, to be
precise) of a local brook where a streamside garden in semishade provided a
planting opportunity. The plants have survived two massive winter floods
which scoured away much of the banks when ice blocks came careening
downstream. Good location I guess, on the bank away from the force of the

Second location is in a fairly dry sugar maple stand over sandy woodland
soil, mulched with wood chips, and receiving reliable and fairly deep snow
cover all winter long. Winter temperatures around here usually fall to
below minus 30 farenheit for at least several nights in January. Below the
snow, obviously, it's warmer, but lately we have had those winters where
the snow and ice alternate with warm rain, so cover has been spotty.

eri van lennep

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