Haworthia Email Discussion Group

Diana Pederson dlpederson at VOYAGER.NET
Thu Aug 21 22:45:50 CEST 1997

Hello fellow gardeners:

Now that fall is coming, some of us are forced to move our
primary gardening interests indoors--especially us northerners!
A new email list has been created for one of our favorite
houseplants--Haworthias.  If you have any interest in this plant,
which does well in dry, low light indoor conditions, and even
provides winter flowers in a northern facing window, please
join!  Newcomers and experts welcome.


A new mail list that discusses Haworthias has been formed.  This
list is based at coollist.com.  To subscribe to the list, please
follow these instructions.  If you have any difficulty, please
contact me, Diana, at mailto:dlpederson at voyager.net

1.  Go to:

NOTE:  coollist.com is not based at Geocities.  This is simply
the web page using cgi-scripting for subscribing to the
maillist.  Geocities does not support cgi-scripting which means
we cannot establish email groups directly through geocities--a
real bummer for those of us with web pages here.

2.  Enter your e-mail name/address in the box and press

3.  You should get a "thank you screen" in a few seconds or
minutes.  It will promise an e-mail forthcoming.

4.  You will receive an e-mail requesting confirmation of your
subscribe request.

5.  Reply to that email by sending it back with an "ok" for the
first line; below the first line, BE SURE TO QUOTE THE ENTIRE
MESSAGE, or you will NOT be added to the list.

The purpose of this system thru coollist is to better serve us,
the original Haworthia Robin members, and to be able to expand
our Robin in a way that incurs less labor and electrons.  Hope to
see you on the new coollist!

Breck and Diana

Diana Pederson, Michigan, Zone 5 (4)

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