Ruesch International--Foreign Drafts

Scott Vergara svergara at PACIFIC.TELEBYTE.COM
Tue Aug 19 22:54:52 CEST 1997

Greetings All,
This may seem off topic but as many of us are getting into buying plants,
seeds, books etc. from companies/individuals that do not take credit cards
and want checks drawn on banks in their country I just thought I would
remind everyone, and let those new to the list know that there is a very
easy way to get checks in foreign currency drawn on a bank in that country.

Ruesch International also has offices in many foreign countries for those
who need their services to purchase drafts in currencies other than their

I am in no way connected with this organization but I  have used them
several times and been very happy with their service.

Best Regards,

Scott Gregory Vergara
Botanical Resources
svergara at     HORTULANUS at

Ruesch International

Washington, DC office

700  11th STREET NW
WASHINGTON  DC  20001-4507

Will quote their current exchange rate.  Will give you a confirmation
number which you put on the check you send them.  They will send you the
draft plus an invoice marked paid when they receive the check from you.

Ask for International Department
Customer service open from 0830 till 1900 hrs EST
(830 am till 7pm PST)

They will ask you for your name, daytime phone number, mailing address to
send draft to you, and your social security number.

Information Needed for Foreign Draft
Name of Foreign Currency
Amount in Foreign Currency
Draft or Wire (need additional information)
Name of Payee
Reference Info (name or invoice number)

Cost is $3.00 per draft

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