A. tortuosum timing

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Tue Aug 19 15:12:56 CEST 1997

The year before hurricane Fran I planted three A. tortuosum near the
back of our deck (South side of the house) which grew and bloomed
but didn't set seed. They were late in arising but I attributed this to
the late spring planting (March '95).

Then Fran came last fall and wiped out the deck. Hundreds of
workman's boots later, two of the three plants came up in
late July and are still growing nicely in full sun in an area that looks
more like an industrial wasteland than a garden.

The other A. tortuosum, in shady locations, have long since grown and
gone dormant. They come up in June, a month before the newer
plants. Anyway, I'd given up on the third plant.

Then yesterday, up sprouted the third member of the tortuosum trio.
There it stands, leaves and inflorescence unfolding in the hardest,
driest clay imaginable.

I really can't imagine this species waiting until mid August to grow.
Unless, --- perhaps the tubers came from the southern hemisphere.
All three came from J. Amand, but so did some of the normally
arising plants (different batch 4-'94). Note they were planted
a month later in April, so planting time can't be the controlling

I'm amazed. I've never seen an Arisaema arise in mid-August.
Do any of y'all have sleepyheads in your collections?

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