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Sylvia A Correia sacorreia at JUNO.COM
Sun Aug 17 02:45:33 CEST 1997

Greetings Ellen:  I am cleaning the file and ran across this message so
it applies to something I have been wanting to write to you about:  One
of the two A. candidissimum that I got from you last December set seed.
Both of them bloomed, the plants were gigantic:  I don't remember if
there was any scent.   Is there a way to let the seed head ripen without
the critters destroying it?  All suggestions greatly appreciated.
Sylvia Correia
sacorreia at
zone 6-southeastern CT,USA

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997 14:53:15 -0400 Ellen Hornig <hornig at OSWEGO.EDU>
>Apparently the clone of candidissimum that I peddle is self-fertile; I
>know Roy H. got good seeds from it, the first year he grew it.  I, on
>other hand, have yet to see it set seed; but this year I intend to be
>there are males near the females.  It also has a healthy rose scent.
>not aware that it has any medals to prove its merits, being of - sniff
>eastern European origin (never part of the Empire, alas) - and also
>possessed of plebian pink stripes.  Paul, we'll just have to trade a
>and see whether there are significant differences.
>On the hardiness front, 3 of 3 mature A. tortuosum planted out in the
>garden last fall (thanks, Tony :-) ) are coming up now, in bud and
>handsome.  They were down c. 1' (30 cm) deep.  Two of three small A.
>ringens, however, seem to have failed the test (the blooming-size one
>limped up, much gnawed by slugs).  The candidissimums are starting up
>no sign yet of the franchetianums.  I'll start worrying in a few more
>days.  Y'all just don't understand how mild the climate in balmy
>NY can be....
>Ellen Hornig
>Oswego, NY
>USDA zone 5b (-10 to -20F), avg. snowfall 120" (3m)

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